Hi There! I'm Robyn

I’ve made it my mission to help people become happy and healthy, from the inside out.

By combining scientific fact and spiritual principles, I use the most up-to-date methods of hypnosis and coaching along with the time-tested practices of yoga and mindfulness to help people achieve deep, lasting, life-altering change.

About a decade ago, my life changed drastically when I started my own yoga, meditation, and breathwork routine, taking care of myself holistically as a complete person – not just a mom, not just a pharmacist, and not just a wife. I embarked on a massive self-discovery and self-improvement journey.

In "doing my work" I was able to overcome my childhood trauma, break free of the codependency patterns in my marriage and other relationships, improve my connection to my body and food, and finally find real happiness. Guess what? It wasn't from having the right house, car, designer handbags, degrees, or certifications.

I found happiness within.

Then, I realized how many people struggle with the same things I did—from having it all but not feeling fulfilled to struggling to maintain a healthy weight. I dialed in my process and figured out what works. I got certified in evidence-based programs and techniques that work so much faster than going it alone worked for me.

And now I want to help you make big changes, too.

Since you’re here, I know that you aren’t one of those people who wants to just “take a pill for it” for the rest of your life. You are looking for real change.

Through hypnotic coaching, you, too, can release the weight and keep it off without obsessing. Or spend more time in the present moment, feeling grateful for the everyday joys of your life and experiencing the fulfilment that results. And, you can shift your critical mind chatter to knowing the “real you” and living the life that results--a life of purpose, love, and confidence that lets you connect to others and have the relationships you long for.

Working together, you’re going to see some serious results, and it won’t take you decades of self-help work like it did me. I’ve found my most satisfying life and my highest level of happiness in my forties. Honestly, going through this journey myself not only saved my marriage but changed how I interact with everyone and every situation in my life. I wouldn’t go back for anything.

I’m passionate about the programs I offer because I know they work. My purpose in life is to share them with people like you and thereby create a happier, healthier, and kinder world.

The Happy Whole Human® Program can help you reclaim your life, figure out who you really are, and strengthen your relationships.

Flow to Grow™ Hypnotic Coaching Programs can help you finally lose that weight for good, stop smoking, sleep more soundly, or change any other habit or behavior you desire.

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  • Certified Master Hypnotic Coach (American Council of Hypnotists Examiners)
  • Certified Yoga, Meditation, and Breathwork Instructor (Yoga on High, Columbus, OH; RYT 200 Yoga Alliance)
  • Certified Reiki and Energy Practitioner (Usui Lineage)
  • Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (Laughter Yoga International)
  • Registered Pharmacist (OH, KY, TX, and WI Boards of Pharmacy)
  • Trained Somatic Practitioner (Embodied Philosophy Awakened Body Certificate Program)
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Robyn Bragg Coaching is an LGBTQ+ friendly business.