Hi There! I'm Robyn

I’ve spent a lot of years in the healthcare industry – over 20, in fact – and I recently left to help people just like you.

I did this because my life changed drastically when I started my own yoga, meditation, and breathwork routine, taking care of myself holistically as a complete person – not just a mom, not just a pharmacist, and not just a wife.

This launched me on a self-discovery and self-improvment journey. By "doing my work" I was able to overcome my childhood trauma, break free of the codependency patterns in my marriage and other relationships, and finally find real happiness. Guess what? It wasn't from having the right house, car, designer handbags, degrees, or certifications. I found happiness within. 

And now I want to help you do the same. Because I know we’re more than just the roles we play in our lives or our physical bodies… even if we don’t tell ourselves very nice things all the time. I know these practices work, and I’m thrilled that science is now proving the same thing (hello, quantum physics—where were you when I was choosing pharmacy?).

Since you’re here, I know that you aren’t one of those people who wants to just “take a pill for it” for the rest of your life. You are looking for real change. Maybe you’ve figured out that although you have the accomplishments list and “stuff” you always dreamed of, you still aren’t truly happy. I can help you.

Working together, you’re going to see some serious results, and it won’t take you decades of self-help work like it did me. I’ve found my most satisfying life and my highest level of happiness in my forties. So whatever age you are, I want to see you smiling and saying you have found the same thing.

I've recently been certified in the most up-to-date methods of hypnosis and hypnotic coaching with a focus on evidence-based strategies for personal change. I'm excited to help people to improve their health, relationships, and well being on purpose. 

I’m passionate about the programs I offer because I know they work. My purpose in life is to share them with people like you and thereby create a happier and healthier world.

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  • Certified Hypnotic Coach
  • Certified Yoga, Meditation, and Breathwork Instructor
  • Certified Reiki and Energy Practitioner
  • Certified Laughter Yoga Leader
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Robyn Bragg Coaching is an LGBTQ+ friendly business.