Take Ten to Relax Hypnosis Recording

Want an easy way to relax right now? 

Let's be real for a second. You're carrying around stress all day long, even when you're not fully aware of it. 

Here's the truth: Chronic stress activates your nervous system which puts you on high alert. This affects your breathing, your ability to feel calm and centered, and shortens your emotional fuse.

You would feel better if you could calm your nervous system right now or anytime you have a few minutes, wouldn't you?

This short hypnosis recording is the easy way to take time for yourself to breath, relax, and focus your body and mind so that you can be the productive, relaxed, and chill person you want to be!

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Hi! I'm Robyn. 

Why do I want to help you to easily relax anytime you want? 

It's because I know how stressed out most people are and how it is affecting their lives - maybe in ways they don't even realize.

Stress affects everything from concentration to weight gain when we carry it around all day long, breathing shallowly and being short-tempered with our loved ones.

As a certified master hypnotic coach and somatics practioner, I’m on a mission to help as many people as I can to become happy and healthy, from the inside out. 

I know how important it is to learn to self-regulate and self-soothe our nervous systems so that we can show up as the person we want to be. 

This recording will help you do just that. I hope that you enjoy it and that it helps you anytime you can find a few minutes to let go and reset so that you can feel better and be better. 

This is a hypnosis recording, so please only listen in a comfortable place where you can give it your full, undivided, and safe attention - and never while driving.